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The Justice of God in Stages
Front cover of the book 'The Justice of God in Stages'

The Justice of God in Stages

God calls man to a wondrous life. Knowledge of the rough and arduous way, but also of its luminous end, gives wisdom to the mind while begetting inspiration and confidence. It takes many trials to break open man’s heart so that it can be enlarged to accommodate the glorious Spirit of God. Spiritual rebirth does not take place in the bliss of the first grace, but after a painful struggle in the furnace of temptations when man convinces God that he indeed belongs to Him, whether he lives or dies.

Knock, and It Shall Be Opened Unto You (front)
Front cover of the book 'Knock, and It Shall Be Opened Unto You'

Knock, and It Shall Be Opened Unto You

The Lord sows His word in our heart; and if we accept it, we receive the grace of repentance and are reborn in the spirit. The Lord continually sows on earth, whereas we sow in heaven. Every time we pour out our heart with many tears, humility and repentance before the Lord, He marks that hour, that day, with the seal of His grace. And if every day is marked with this divine seal in the hidden mystical Liturgy that we offer to God in our solitude, in the end these marks will swallow up the time of our whole life and make it eternity.

Seek, and Ye Shall Find

Thoughts have a taste. Each thought is accompanied by an energy according to its origin. If the thought comes from God, it brings peace and joy and promotes prayer. If it comes from the enemy, it brings confusion and does not harmonise with prayer. Sometimes thoughts which come from God may be completely contrary to our psychological state. Yet they bring life and energy of the Spirit, and our prayer receives wings.

Born from on High

Latest translation of St Sophrony's writings

(John 3:3)

The present book contains chapters St Sophrony wrote on the theological and ascetic basis for Christian life. He writes about the Christian life of married couples and of those called to monasticism. Themes which are central to his thought, such as personhood, and repentance, are looked at again here, but as ever with fresh and in­spiring insight.

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Thank you for continuing to release Fr. Zacharias’s writings. They are incredibly encouraging personally and very helpful for pastoring. As a mission-planting priest, these books have enabled me to connect the hard work we are doing here with God’s desire for our salvation. I hope Fr. Zacharias is able to continue publishing for a long time.


The spiritual inheritance passed down from St. Silouan to St. Sophrony to Fr. Zacharias is invaluable as it speaks with such clarity to the needs of our time. That has been my experience – first as a seminarian, and now as a young priest. I routinely draw on the publications of the work of St. Silouan, St. Sophrony, Archim. Zacharias, & Archim. Peter – both for myself and for my pastoral work in the parish. The way these publications speak of the Gospel and the fulness of the life in Christ has been uniquely helpful to me personally and in my work as a priest.

I would also like to offer my thanks for the physical quality and overall appearance/aesthetic of the books themselves. The clothbound hardback with stamped text & logo makes for a superior look and feel for the books. The high-quality paper, uncrowded pages, and even the font, all contribute to the unparalleled reading experience. I appreciate that the books available in hardback will lay flat. Additionally, I have greatly appreciated recent publications – such as At the Doors of Holy Lent – that included two-color text and a ribbon bookmark.


The books published by the monastery are tremendous blessings. The quality and content are a feast in the wilderness for which, I know as the manager of our church bookstore, many are grateful and growing in faith and faithful knowledge and awareness.

In addition, thanks to you, Father Peter, Father Zacharias, the translators, and all at the monastery involved with the Sunday talks and the decision to make the recordings available for those unable to listen in real time.

The quiet considerations and careful attention to grace filled details manifest in the ministries and outreach of the monastery reveal the inspiring obedience to Saint Silouan and Saint Sophrony present in your midst.


Archimandrite Zacharias books are like a good movie- I cannot stop reading them!!!!

Costakis NeocleousGA, USA

I have read everything available from Archimandrite Zacharias, and yet every time I embark on reading his latest work, it’s like I’m clinging to a tiny but precious thread that leads all the way to eternity. I am forever grateful for his wisdom and utterly penetrating insights into the nature of Orthodoxy and God’s infinite love for His children, even when they turn away or don’t realize His presence. More than ever, the world needs a voice like Archimandrite Zacharia’s.

Robert David VivianMI, USA

I have recently purchased Christ, Our Way and Our Life from you and I am so very glad that I have. As an Anglican it is one of the most powerful works that I have ever read. Although I am only part way through, it has illuminated my thought with a clarity that I have not felt outside of Holy Scripture. I give my genuine thanks.

DavidStaffordshire, UK

Thank you for the beautiful books you offer. They are always among my favorites to read. When I first came across Saint Sophrony’s writings I was fairly new to Orthodoxy and was astounded by how beautiful and precise were his descriptions which helped me immensely to understand what I was going through. The further distillation of his teaching by Father Zacharias is even more beautifully accessible to people searching for much needed inspiration living in a tired, worn down world.

Erin MariaOR, USA

I received the parcel last week and I was extremely glad! Thank You for all the little bookmark presents, that I will pass on to others, to “disseminate” my joy also 🙂 But more, I want to thank Fr Zacharias for his new book, The Otherness of Love, which is a real inspiration even for us, those who are living in the world with families and children. I found many answers to some questions I have been tormented with for years, such as the question of the authority in education, and I never found the way until now. This book is so “other” than any other book I’ve read! I thank Fr Zacharias again and again for his kenosis which enriches us all!

AncaBucurești, Romania

I am always amazed and happy at how quickly the books arrive and the packaging is absolutely perfect. Thank you very much for the icon bookmarks that accompany the books, they come along with me through the text and prayers. These books are holy words for me. Reading these books brings peace and grace. Often, when I am in difficult situations, I read one or a few sentences and I am comforted and find answers. It’s like the fathers are speaking directly to me. Thank you all for your work and for bringing such great help into the world.

CorneliaZürich , Switzerland

Just received today the wonderful book Hesychasm by Father Zacharias. I was waiting for it to arrive, it was a joy to discover the parcel.

Such a beautiful book and such precious contents. Please thank Father Zacharias for his writings. I also have his Remember Thy First Love book, in French translation, it was a Christmas gift in 2020 from my Godmother who is a nun. I have books by Saint Sophrony in excellent French translation and look forward to reading more in the English versions.

Thank you for the lovely packaging and Saint Sophrony bookmark, lovely surprise, the book is so beautifully printed and presented it is a joy and blessing to receive and read it. It will be a joy to order other books from you when possible.

Again thank you, and gratitude for the Zoom conferences of Father Peter and Father Zacharias.

Fiona SeraphimaCôte-d'Or, France

I have really enjoyed all the books I have received from your bookshop. Working through the website was easy, and I was surprised at the speed of delivery since I am in the US. I received the package a while back, but remember no defects, and the books all are in great condition. Having been a bookstore manager for 17 years, this is a sign that the packaging was well done. No bent corners is always a plus. Thank you for your excellent offerings and service. I do appreciate the email updates as well, especially because they are not overwhelming in number.

Joanna JaquetteOR, USA

The content of these books is the breath of life! All of us readers are grateful for the clear exposition of spiritual truth. The effort to produce these books and capture these talks is a priceless ministry from the monastery to those of us “in the world.” May God continue to bless you in this ministry.
Shipments from Essex to us here in the US have been without damage or loss and for the most part arrive in short time.
As for the online bookstore ministry, it is a valuable means of outreach and, to me, the value lies in the easier access to the books and materials produced by the monastery. The website is the one place to go to find all that is available from the monastery press. Thank you!

RichardPA, USA

The writings of St. Silouan, St. Sophrony and Fr. Zacharias touch me so deeply in my heart and soul they bring tears to my eyes, especially St. Sophrony’s books. The depth of their spiritual understanding comes from knowing our Loving God and experiencing the struggle we each have as human beings, to stay on the narrow path in this life that leads us to our true spiritual home. At times, I am astounded at their ability to put in to words the divine wisdom that they have been given and hold in their hearts, that I just sit and stare in to space hands clasped to my heart, tears pouring down my face in gratitude for their bearing of their souls for the benefit of all who read their books and their own personal unending pursuit of surrendering their will to our Loving Jesus. They are truly blessed and serve as a blessing to all humanity. God bless all of us. 🙏🏼

Debra BerryWY, UK

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The feast of Saint Sophrony on July 11 is approaching, and Father Zacharias is sharing with us a few gracious words on prayer to the saints

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Hot off the press! 📚 New titles arriving in June.
As we approach Mid Pentecost, we had a beautiful talk this evening given by our Hegumen Fr Peter on the Gospel of the Paralytic. You can find the full recording in our website's library section (very soon).

Photo from a happy cat in Cyprus☀️
🚚 Yesterday afternoon we received the new stock of the republication of the classic edition of the book ***Saint Silouan the Athonite*** written by Saint Sophrony the Athonite. 

🗓️ Also we have limited stock of the Calendar for 2024. 

📬✈️🌍 We started shipping all the pre-orders and it will take us a few days until we catch up with the current orders. 

Thanks be to God.
Merry Christmas! 

We were a bit late with our 2024 Calendar this year but it will be with us very soon. Together with our calendar is coming the much anticipated book Saint Silouan in English. Undoubtedly it has been the most requested book these past few years. We had some obstacles with the republication but finally with God’s help and the prayers of our Saints Silouan and Sophrony we managed to bring it to life again. 

🔗Book: Saint Silouan ->
🔗Calendar 2024 ->

About the arrival of the books: 

If there is no delay at the port of Dover, the books and the calendar will be with us this coming week. Otherwise we’ll have to wait until after Christmas to get them. Nevertheless you can pre-order them now for quick dispatch once our stock becomes available. This way we’ll have a bit of time to organise the shipping. You can estimate the arrival of your order sometime in January depending where you are in the world.
Our latest book gift wraps from last month plus our Christmas specials! 
Letters to his Family - Saint Sophrony's Letter 2, to his sister Maria. Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois 16th-17th September 1958.

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Our recent gift wraps, wrapped with all our heart and full of joy 🥰
Letters to his Family - Saint Sophrony's Letter 39, to his sister Maria. The Old Rectory, Christmas 1968/1969.

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The past month was very productive and we published more than a dozen new titles in English, Greek, Romanian and Serbian.

"Born from on High" by Saint Sophrony
"Ask, and It Shall Be Given You" by Archimandrite Zacharias

"Mariam, the Mother of God and Mother of Our Life" by Archimandrite Zacharias
"Perfect Surrendering to the Spirit of Salvation" by Archimandrite Zacharias

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His Life is Mine - New Greek Edition

Η Ζωή Του ζωή μου, μετά από πολλά χρόνια έχει επανεκδοθεί, με τη βοήθεια του Θεού και τις ευχές του Αγίου Σωφρονίου, με διορθωμένο/αναθεωρημένο κείμενο σε καινούρια επιμελημένη σκληρόδετη έκδοση.

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🎉 Today we had a delivery. Our new books translated in Romanian, Greek and Serbian have arrived and are now available to buy on our Bookshop.
Letters to his Family - Saint Sophrony's Letter 4, to his sister Maria. Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois 11th December 1958.

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Letters to his Family - Saint Sophrony's Letter 34 to his sister Maria. The Old Rectory
27th April 1968, Bright Saturday.

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Extract from the book "We Shall See Him as He is" - the personal autobiography by Saint Sophrony the Athonite.

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🕊️ More Books arriving Soon! Our Sisters went to Greece and worked hard to prepare all these beautiful books for all of you. And this is not all. In November they are preparing a big surprise! They definitely need all of our prayers to bring their task to completion.
New Titles in Romanian arriving soon...!
Αιτείται και Δοθήσεται Υμίν -  Το καινούριο βιβλίο του Αρχιμανδρίτη Ζαχαρία.

Το βιβλίο είναι το πρώτο από μια μικρή σειρά βιβλίων που έπονται να εκδοθούν τον επόμενο χρόνο. Περιέχει ερωτοαποκρίσεις που έχουν μαζευτεί από την πολύχρονη διακονία του Πατρός Ζαχαρία ως πνευματικού και διάκονου του λόγου του Θεού στους ανθρώπους.

Σήμερα ολοκληρώθηκε η εκτύπωση του βιβλίου και σύντομα θα είναι διαθέσιμο σε βιβλιοπωλεία στην Ελλάδα αλλά και στην ιστοσελίδα μας.
Sneak Peek From the Printing House ⭐
New Title by Archimandrite Zacharias - Available Soon

Ask, and it Shall Be Given You

"When you get up in the morning it is good to wash your face and immediately give thanks to God for all things, read some prayers of the Church, say some prayers from your heart and then practise a little the Jesus Prayer. Then the energy of this prayer will accompany you the whole day, and I am sure that all your works in that day will be blessed by it."

#essexmonastery #sophrony #saintsophrony #archimandritezacharias #orthodox #theology #orthodoxchristianbooks #christianbooks #prayer #christianprayer
Letters to his Family - Saint Sophrony's Letter 2 to his sister Maria. Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois 16th-17th September 1958

#sophrony #saintsophrony #essexmonastery #letters #orthodox #christianorthodox #orthodoxchurch #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #wisdom
"Men are ignorant of the power of Christ's humility, and that is why they aspire to the things of this earth; but without the Holy Spirit they cannot know the force of these words of Christ. But he who has learned will never relinquish his knowledge, even were he to be offered all the kingdoms of the world.

O Lord, grant me Thy humility that I may be filled with Thy love, and Thy holy fear may dwell in me.

Life is burdensome without love for God. The soul feels sombre and stale; but with the coming of love her joy passes description.

My soul thirsts after the humility of Christ, and yearns for it day and night, and ever and anon I cry with a loud cry:
'My soul yearns after Thee, O Lord, and weeping I seek Thee.'"

Extract from the writings of Saint Silouan, whose memory the Church commemorates today. Happy and blessed feast unto all.

#essexmonastery #sophrony #silouantheathonite #saintsophrony #orthodox #theology #christian #christianorthodox #christianbooks #clothbound #prayer #christianprayer
Letters to his Family - Saint Sophrony's Letter 2 to his sister Maria. Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois 16th-17th September 1958

#sophrony #saintsophrony #essexmonastery #letters #orthodox #christianorthodox #orthodoxchurch #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #wisdom
Letters to his Family - Saint Sophrony's Letter 4, to his sister Maria. Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois 11th December 1958.

#sophrony #saintsophrony #essexmonastery #letters #orthodox #christianorthodox #orthodoxchurch #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #wisdom
Letters to his Family - Saint Sophrony's Letter 4, to his sister Maria. Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois 11th December 1958.

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Monasticism: The All-Embracing Gift of the Holy Spirit has been published in hardaback clothbound for the first time. 

"Monasticism is indeed a peculiar way of life, a heavenly institution, a gift of the Holy Spirit. The Desert Fathers of the 4th century, who inaugurated monastic life, felt that the heavens had come down to earth, as we sing on the day of Pentecost: 'The nations of the city of David have seen strange things today,' things of the world to come. Saint John Climacus says that 'Angels are a light for monks, and the monastic life is a light for all men.' This light is the knowledge of the way of the Lord and and His commandments, which is preserved upon earth in the Church, through the way of monasticism."

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Letters to his Family - Saint Sophrony's Letter 4, to his sister Maria. Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois 11th December 1958.

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Some of our August giftwraps 🎁🌟Now in Automn we are preparing for even more special giftwrap 😊
Letters to his Family - Saint Sophrony's Letter 2, to his sister Maria. Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois 16th-17th September 1958.

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Τὸ μυστήριο τῆς Ὑπεραγίας Θεοτόκου – The Mystery of the Mother of God

🎧Listen to the podcast - Link in Bio

May we all have a blessed Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God, the Easter of the Summer.

Ευχές για ευλογημένη εορτή της Κοιμήσεως της Υπεραγίας Θεοτόκου. Καλό Πάσχα του καλοκαιριού!
Our July Giftwraps (2 of 2) This month our book giftwrap service is more special than ever with the addition of our new velvet ribbons. Always giftwrapped with love 🎁❤️
Our July Giftwraps! (1 of 2) This month our book giftwrap service is more special than ever with the addition of our new velvet ribbons. Always giftwrapped with love ❤️🎁
Word for Saint Sophrony - A talk by Archimandrite Zacharias. Link in Bio

Your blessing! Happy Feast of Saint Sophrony to All! 🌝❤️

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Our gift wraps in June. We experimented with some new ribbons and various ways of folding the wrapping paper. We try our best to make our books feel special for the moment you hand them to your dearest ones. 🎁❤️
Link in bio. 

Audio homily on the Sunday of All Saints by Father Zacharias

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🎁📚 Embrace the Joy of Gifting! 🌟
We are delighted for our two new publications now available by Father Zacharias. Originally published in Greek last year, we have made every effort to bring them out in English as soon as possible. These books promise to offer profound insights into the theology of Saint Sophrony and wisdom to the readers.🙏🏼✝️⛪

Στα ελληνικά τα βιβλία τιτλοφορούνται ως "Υποστατική προσευχή μέτρον τελειώσεως" & "Προσευχή ως ατελεύτητη δημιουργία". 

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We treasure our books so much that we honour them with great care and attention in our gift wrap service ❤️😊🌷
Our today's giftwraps 🎁📚 ❤️

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The Mystery of Christian Life by Saint Sophrony 

A book where Saint Sophrony reflects on his path of Monastic Life and how the life of his Monastery in Essex was formed on the basis of the life and writings of his Elder, Saint Silouan the Athonite.

The book is unique in its own sense but also unique in the sense that it includes chapters written by Saint Sophrony on Motherhood, Marriage, and the History of Mankind.

In the Epilogue of this book, Saint Sophrony starts by reflecting on his own life as inseparable from the life of Humanity. While he reflects on this, gradually his writing turns to prayer and a strong cry of repentance.

#prayer #sophrony #christianlife #christian #hardback #hardbackbooks #clothbound #christian #christianorthodox #mountathos #essexmonastery
New Book - The Otherness of Love: The Response to the Supreme Calling of Christ

Father Zacharias in this book speaks about various key subjects for the monastic life and the christian life in general. At a glance the book speaks about:

🎯The Ethos of Christ as the Lamb of God and how us Christians are to follow His example.
🎯The perfect example of the Mother of God as a guiding star for our lives.
🎯The mad Love of the Friends of Christ. How the Love of God is made manifest to those that follow Him. 

#essexmonastery #archimandritezacharias #monasticism #christianlife #sophrony #orthodoxchristianity #clothbound
Το πρώτο βιβλίο του πατρός Ζαχαρία - Αναφορά στη θεολογία του Γέροντος Σωφρονίου. Η συγγραφή του βιβλίου έγινε τα πρώτα έτη μετά την κοίμηση του αγίου Σωφρονίου. Ήτανε επιθυμία του αγίου Γέροντος να γίνει πιο συστηματική παρουσίαση της διδασκαλίας του. Με προτροπή του κ. καθηγητή Γεώργιου Μαντζαρίδη, ο πατέρας Ζαχαρίας εκπόνησε διδακτορική διατριβή υπό την επίβλεψή του με θέμα "Η πραγμάτωση της υποστατικής αρχής στη θεολογία του Γέροντος Σωφρονίου".
Prayer as Infinite Creation

#sophrony #saintsophrony #essexmonastery
#prayer #christianorhtodox #infinitecreation #archimandritezacharias
Our books now have a new home! 

#essexmonastery #sophrony #orthodoxbooks #christianbooks #archimandritezacharias #srgabriela #iconography
"Alive from the Dead - Homilies on Great Lent", a book by Archimandrite Zacharias has just been published and can be a precious companion on our journey through the Holy and Great Lent that lies ahead.

#archimandritezacharias #sophrony #greatlent #easter #christianliterature #clothbound #newbook
Hesychasm, the Bedewing Furnace of the Heart

Important topics covered in this book:

🎯The rebirth of man through the Jesus Prayer
🎯Fundamental Principles of Hesychasm
🎯Hesychasm and Eastern Religions
🎯Comments on the Lives of Hesychasts
🎯Pure Prayer and Mental Stillness in Saints Silouan and Sophrony

#archimandritezacharias #essexmonastery #sophrony #saintsophrony #newbook #hardback #hardbackbooks #clothbound #hesychasm #orthodoxtradition #orthodoxchurch #christianbooks
Trying various gift wrap combinations 🎁
Gift wrapping orders is a happy experience 🙂 A precious book must be accompanied by a special wrapping.
Now you can choose to add giftwrap at the checkout 🎁.

Here are some of the wrappings we did this week 😊.
❤️ Gift wrap option for your books to give to your loved ones.
🎁 Wrapping our new book by Father Zacharias "Hesychasm". 

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